Online contact line measuring system OVHWizard for monitoring the contact line position during travel

The OVHWizard is a non tactile contact line measuring system for determining the contact line height and stagger with and without uplift. The system operates with ultrasound according to the runtime measurement principle.

This measuring principle offers the advantage over optical systems that it also works in direct sunlight, light rainfall or fog. Thanks to its weight of only about 4 kg it is easy to handle and can be installed on any vehicle roof with a few actions. A simple RS232 link to the PC or laptop enables communication with the measuring software.

A special evaluation software which was developed in co-operation with SIEMENS AG allows the measured data to be compared with the given line data and types of catenary.

The system is approved by the DB, the SBB, the ÖBB Network rail and the Turkish Railways TCCD.