Two specially developed high-performance ultrasonic distance sensors form the core of the OVHWizard contact wire position measuring system. These sensors are installed respectively at an optimum angle at the ends of the measuring instrument.

The entire processing electronics are located in the connecting tube between the sensors. The system operates on batteries or on the mains and can therefore be used on every vehicle.

Stagger +/- 450 mm
Height 800 - 4.000 mm
Measuring accuracy +/-2mm without vehicle influence
Measuring frequency approx. 24Hz (or external trigger signal)
Measurements > 23/s
Processable pulses up to 500 reflector or rotary pulses (optional: pulse transmitter)
Camera (optional) Viewing angle: 20°, 40°, 70°, 90°, 100° and 115°
Installation time approx. 60 min
Disassembly time approx. 15 min.
Data output TCP / IP
Vehicle speed 0 - 80 km/h
Battery operation approx. 8 h or mains operation
Weight 4,5 kg
Certification DB, ÖBB, SBB approval
Operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7