Railway vehicle

The OVHWizard is normally used on railway vehicles as a permanently and securely installed system. The signal cables are permanently installed, the distance measurement is on the vehicle distance signal and the power is supplied by an external voltage source. Battery operation is usually an exception here. There is a measuring station in the vehicle cab where all the necessary cable connections for connection to the computer converge. It is possible to use a desktop PC here as well as a notebook.

Since a railway vehicle allows faster measuring runs than with a trolley or two-way vehicle, special attention must be paid here to possible falsification of the measuring signal by vehicle movements. The vehicle may have to be equipped with a compensation measuring instrument


Thanks to its design as a mobile measuring instrument with integrated battery, the OVHWizard is ideal for use on a rail trolley.

Mounted on a rack, the measuring instrument can be positioned at an optimum distance from the contact wire. An installation support which is connected firmly to the rack and aligned once considerably simplifies installation and alignment on site. The distance information is read directly into the measuring system by reflectors and a light barrier on the wheel and then processed. A notebook is used as a measuring and evaluation computer. This simply has to be connected to the RS23 interface or an appropriate USB adapter.

Two-way service vehicle

The use of the measuring instrument on a two-way vehicle is one of the most common applications. The mobility of the OVHWizard here has the great advantage that both the necessary assembly work but also the contact wire position measurement before and after the work can be carried out by the same vehicle on site. There is no need to use another measuring vehicle.

The OVHWizard is mounted on the maintenance vehicle for measurement and can be removed again for maintenance work on the contact wire. The pre-aligned installation support is fixed to the vehicle and enables the measuring system to be installed with a few actions. The signal cable wiring is usually permanently installed, the distance measurement is ideally connected to the distance signal already existing in the vehicle. The measuring instrument is usually supplied with the necessary operating voltage by fixed cables. However, battery operation is also possible in this application.