Pole detection

The movement of the vehicle (in relation to the rail) directly influences the measuring result of the OVHWizard which causes measuring errors.
The measurement can be made, depending on the vehicle, without compensating these errors when moving very slowly (up to approx. 10 km/h) or when the demands on the measuring accuracy are low.

Horizontal vehicle movement

An error due to the horizontal movement of the vehicle in the track can be caused by the track play of the vehicle or by track gauge width changes.

Vertical vehicle movement

Spring deviation or different loading of the vehicle changes the measured value for the contact wire height.

Rolling movement of the vehicle

The rolling of the vehicle caused by track position errors or by the dynamic movements of the vehicle has an influence both on the determined contact wire height as well as on the contact wire stagger and are therefore the most complex movements to be compensated.

The OVHWizard offers inputs for the horizontal and vertical movement of the vehicle as well as for the rolling angle. If these three values are provided by the vehicle, this compensation takes place online directly in the OVHWizard.

We can also offer compensation by ultrasonic or laser sensors on request depending on the vehicle type.